Great Value Brand Product Reviews

We’re big fans of Walmart’s efforts at offering high quality food and household items at lower-than-customary prices.  So I truly appreciate their   Great Value Brand Product   offerings to that end.  They’ve saved countless dollars over the past decade plus, because we use many of them every day; from beverages and pasta products, to cleaning supplies, soaps, and laundry detergents.  The products never appear “cheap” or of low quality, and in fact, usually rate right up there with their name-brand counterparts in our experience.

We have reviewed some offerings by this Walmart brand here in our blogs, and have included below a complete list of links to them below.  We’ll add to this list as more reviews are written, from the ever-growing collection of helpful and healthful lower priced options.

We hope you enjoy these products and find them to be as great a value as we have.  We suspect that you probably will.




Revision History

  • 2015-01-29: Moved this post to the   Tom’s Diet Quest   blog, and relinked the references.
  • 2012-03-30: Originally published.