Kraft Light Mayo Light Mayonnaise Review

Kraft Light Mayo Light Mayonnaise is quite the versatile spread for sandwiches and salads. So, mayonnaise is found in many staple recipes like tuna salads and many types of dips. It’s even delicious on hamburgers and cheese steak subs.  Though by today’s standards, mayonnaise represents one of those “guilty pleasures,” with its high fat and calorie content, it nonetheless, remains a highly popular sandwich and salad garnish throughout the United States.

I brought home a 30-ounce jar of Kraft mayo home for review last week.  It’s quite tasty on Lebanon bologna sandwiches, and nicely flavors my Mom’s chicken fruit salad recipe, in which she used to liberally scoop on the mayonnaise. I enjoy the flavor of Kraft Light Mayo Mayonnaise. It tastes very much like Hellmann’s mayonnaise.  Here are my take-aways from this product.


Benefits, Pros, Advantages, and Features

  • There is less than one gram of sugar in Kraft light mayonnaise. Thus, it’s a great flavoring for diabetics to consider adding to some of their healthful dishes.  I get tired of seeing so much sugar in processed foods these days.  So it’s nice to find one like this Kraft mayo that avoids it in a great-tasting fashion.
  • The mild yet unmistakable flavor of this Kraft mayonnaise is about as delicious as other mayonnaises I’ve sampled.  Note that Kraft mayonnaise is not Miracle Whip salad dressing!
  • This light mayonnaise has a thick texture. So it clings well to whatever you put it on.  It will not run.
  • While this mayonnaise is perishable once opened, and so, must be refrigerated after you do that, the best-by date stamped on the label suggests that it keeps well for six months and beyond prior to breaking the seal, if stored in a cool and dry place. I’ll likely never experience that old food-gone-bad syndrome with this product. Even once opened, and kept in the refrigerator, Kraft light mayo will retain its signature good-flavor after several months.  I’ll update this post if I find out differently.
  • Just about any larger national or regional grocery store chain I’ve visited carries Kraft light mayonnaise. So it’s generally easy to find in bigger as well as smaller stores.  Thus, this product is typically priced low.  I got my jar for $3.58.
  • This product rivals the flavor standard for mayonnaise established long ago by Hellmann’s. I’ve tasted other similar products. But few I enjoy as much as this light mayonnaise from Kraft.
  • This mayonnaise contains reasonable amounts of sodium, at 95 MG per 1-tablespoon, 15-gram serving. So, us food lovers over the age of 51 can feel good about enjoying a few tablespoons of this condiment now and then.


Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, and Concerns

  • Like Hellmann’s does with their mayonnaise products, Kraft packages their light mayo in a plastic jar. I indeed miss the predominant glass jars of the sixties and seventies. However, the plastic container is still transparent; making it simple to see the contents.
  • Kraft Light Mayonnaise contains no dietary fiber, and only 2 grams of carbs per serving. So when your meal sports lots of this mayonnaise, I’d recommend that you balance that with a good source of fiber like the healthier breads, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.
  • This product is a bit fatty in my view; deriving just about of its calories from fat. So, moderation is highly recommended. However, it’s quite low in cholesterol, at less than 5 MG per serving. Saturated fat content is low, at 5 grams per serving, and total fat per serving is way lower than traditional mayonnaise, at 4 grams per serving.  So this mayonnaise has lots of the less saturated, “good” fats like the polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats.
  • Though Kraft mayonnaise has a mild flavor that requires lots of it to get that unique mayonnaise taste, I’d also consider it a high-calorie source, though admittedly, it’s a much lower calorie source than is traditional mayonnaise. Keep in mind that 3 tablespoons of this product has 135 calories. So don’t go too crazy with it, though the fact that its light gives you a bit more eating lattitude before you need to start worrying about how much weight you’ll gain.
  • This condiment must be refrigerated after opening. But I don’t mind that very small inconvenience.


Our Rating

Thus, Kraft Light Mayo Light Mayonnaise is a cook’s dream for adding the taste and texture from an expert hand to your foods without so many of the calories, that people will think is great. Kraft’s unique mix of eggs, soybean oil, and natural flavors works well.  I like this healthier mayonnaise, and would thus, recommend it be made a part of any active chef’s kitchen.  I’d rate it at 94 out of 100.


Where To Buy Kraft Light Mayo Light Mayonnaise

Look for Kraft Light Mayo in the clear plastic jar (that displays the cream-white mayonnaise inside, with the blue label and blue lid.




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