Great Value Louisiana Hot Sauce Review

Great Value Louisiana Hot Sauce  is quite the versatile hot sauce.  It’s taste closely matches that of more name-brand products like Franks RedHot et al.  So, this product can be dumped with confidence on Buffalo chicken wings, hamburgers, fish, sardines, and so on.  I’ve applied hot sauces like this one to various fish dishes for decades, and really enjoy the “kicky” yet flavorful taste.  Here are my thoughts on this mouth-watering hot sauce, that I always be sure to keep stocked in my pantry.


Benefits, Advantages, Pros, and Features

  • The hot flavor of this cayenne pepper sauce is terrific!  While this condiment is not overly thick, it nonetheless offers sufficient hotness and unique peppery taste to spruce up most any compatible dish.
  • This product is virtually non perishable.  I’ve kept bottles of other similar products around for two years without noticeable discoloration or degradation of flavor. However, store it for too long, and the color may darken a bit.
  • Great Value hot sauce needs no refrigeration either before or after opening.  Just store it in a cool, dry, and preferably dark place.
  • This hot sauce adds lots of flavor to any dish but virtually no calories or carbs.
  • I’d describe this hot sauce as medium-hot; I’ve tasted other much hotter sauces.  This makes it useful for a wide variety of guests in the dining room.
  • This product is packaged in a glass bottle for best flavor retention.
  • It gives me better control over the salt in my foods.  I typically buy no-salt-added sardines, and then give them a few spritzes of hot sauce.  This spices them up nicely without nearly as much sodium as what salted sardines in the can have.


Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, and Concerns

  • This Great Value product can only be found at Walmart stores currently.
  • Great Value Louisiana hot sauce  has 490 MG of sodium per tablespoon, which can trigger problems in those who must control blood pressure.  I’d like to find a low-sodium version of this hot sauce.


Our Rating

In sum, this hot sauce that is part of the Great Value food line is a cook’s dream for seasoning foods with a delicious combination of flavor and heat, that people will generally recognize and cheer.  In moderation, it’s a healthy hot sauce as it contains no added sugars or fats.  I love it thus, and would highly recommend it be included any any household’s kitchen pantry.  I’d rate it at 97 out of 100.


Where To Buy Great Value Louisiana Hot Sauce

Look for  this Great Value Louisiana sauce in the clear glass bottle that displays the orange-red hot sauce inside, with the white label with the blue lettering.




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