Great Value Organic Fat Free Milk Review

When we were regularly drinking milk, we frequently purchased  Great Value Organic Fat Free Milk, which boasts on the label that it’s grade A and USDA certified organic.  We’ve consumed our bit of the name brand skim organic milk products through the years, from Sealtest, Ritchie, Acme, et al, and thus, have a good idea of what delicious fat free milk is supposed to taste like. This product omits just a small few of the redeeming qualities of the best tasting, most thirst-quenching skim milk products.  It may not taste quite as good, and sport a bit of a chemical taste.  But the lower price makes this small difference in flavor more tolerable.  This small taste is not apparent when used in recipes.

We found this organic skim milk perhaps ten percent cheaper than the more name-brand products from Stony Field and Horizon.  But the Great Value flavor we do not quite like as much as the name brands when drinking right from a cup.  However, on cereal, which is the place where we consumed by far the most organic milk, this store brand is every bit as satisfying as Stony Field skimmed milk.


Benefits, Features, Advantages, and Pros

  • More affordable.  At roughly $3.59 per half-gallon carton, this fat free milk is somewhat cheaper yet wholesome drink.  As with most Great Value products I’ve used, milk saves you a few dimes over the name brands.
  • Few added chemicals.  This organic product has few additives, and those are just vitamins A and D3.
  • Packaged in a near flavor-neutral carton.  This product comes in a carton; not a plastic bottle, and we believe that its taste therefore, is far less impacted by the leeching plastic compounds from the bottle that get into the organic milk, that often destroy its gently sweet yet very mild flavor.
  • Lowest calorie milk.  Contains 80 calories per serving; significantly less  calories than whole milk, and it has virtually no fat or cholesterol.  This puts the Great Value brand of organic skim milk right in line with other fat free milk products.
  • Pasteurized   organic milk like this brand keeps for over a month in the refrigerator so long as you keep it cold.  So it’s a wonderful item to stock pile.
  • Creamier flavor.  The flavor hints more of cream than other brands I’ve tried, which can affect the experience of drinking it straight; positively if you like the taste of whole cream, and negatively if you do not.
  • Long life in refrigerator.  Stays fresh for several weeks in our 35-degree refrigerator, and even a week or two past the sell-by date, it still has not gone sour.


Disadvantages, Problems, Cons, Limitations, and Concerns

  • Can get this only at Walmart.  As the brand is Great Value, it’s only available at Walmart grocery stores.
  • Organic raises cost.  Our usual complaint about most any organic milk product, is that it tends to cost quite a bit more than the non-organic counterparts.  In the case of organic fat free milk, expect to pay approximately twice the amount per half-gallon that an equal amount of non organic skim milk would cost you.  But we don’t mind paying, as this dairy product tastes so much better than the non organic varieties, and is probably healthier as well.


Our Rating

Over all, we find this fat free organic skim milk an indisputably great value.  So we like it, and rate it correspondingly at 95 out of 100.


Where To Buy Great Value Organic Fat Free Milk

So look for it exclusively at Walmart, in the white and green carton with the dark blue letters in the refrigerated dairy section.




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