Great Value Macaroni & Cheese Dinner Review

We’ve purchased boxes of   Great Value Macaroni & Cheese Dinner, which boasts on the label that it’s made with real cheddar cheese, and have certainly eaten our shares of the  Kraft Macaroni & Cheese dinner (the defacto macaroni and cheese standard) through the years.  So, we have a good idea of what this cheese-flavored pasta is supposed to taste like.  Indeed, this form of near-instant macaroni and cheese is delicious and filling (if you eat the whole box), and the Great Value flavor rivals that of the Kraft in every way detectable to our taste buds.  It’s a highly economical staple when you’re on a tight budget, and is reasonably nutritious if not natural.


Benefits, Features, Pros, and Advantages

  • Affordable.  At roughly $0.67 per box, instant macaroni and cheese is still a cheap yet tasty meal, although given the lack of variety in eating just macaroni and cheese, I’d suggest that you not eat it exclusively for too many meals in a row.
  • Cooks just like Kraft.  The cooking directions are virtually identical to the Kraft product; except for the brands of margarine and milk the box suggests be used.
  • Fast and simple cleanup.  Clean-up of the colander and pot used to prepare this dish is simple so long as you do not let the macaroni water dry on either piece.  But, even if you do, simply letting the cooking utinsils soak for several minutes softens any dried-on mess.
  • Substantial calorie count per serving.  Contains 250 calories per serving out of the box; somewhat more calories when prepared with an additional two or three slices of fresh cheese that we typically add in.  Still, for the great flavor, this calorie count seems none too excessive, but will satisfy you just the same.  .
  • Long shelf life.  Keeps for a long time in the pantry or other cool and dry place.  So it’s great to stock pile, particularly given its cheaper cost.
  • Cheaper than name brand products.  Saves you at least a few cents over the name brands, and this one is no exception.


Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, Limitations, and Concerns

  • Sold exclusively at Wal Mart stores.  As this macaroni and cheese is the Great Value brand, it’s only available at Walmart grocery stores.
  • Processed, food.  Indeed, this is a highly procesed food in our opinions.  The list on the box of ingredients is rather lengthy, and includes artificial colors such as yellow #5 and yellow #6.
  • Lots of refined carbs here.  Contains enriched flour as a prime ingredient; though fortunately, there’s still 2 grams of fiber per serving.  They might consider switching to all whole-grain flours; thus eliminating the need for enrichment with man-made vitamins.
  • Significant sodium source.  Be aware that this macaroni and cheese product contains over 500 MG of sodium per serving.  So those of you watching your blood pressure should eat this product with caution. You can reduce this count by using a low-salt margarine in preparing.


Our Rating

Over all, we found  Great Value Macaroni & Cheese Dinner a true, great value, and would rate it thus, t at 94 out of 100.  It’s cheap to buy, stores in the pantry virtually forever, and can be transformed from dry powder and uncooked pasta, into a highly flavorful, satisfying meal course in under fifteen minutes.  We like it.


Where To Buy Great Value Macaroni & Cheese Dinner

Look for it exclusively at Walmart, in the white box with blue letters and a picture of a big bowl of macaroni and cheese on the bottom half of the front.




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