Edy’s Maxx Mint Brownie Ice Cream Review

I’ve sampled (and yes, at times over indulged in) numerous incantations of mint chocolate chip ice cream through the years.  But this Edy’s Maxx Mint Brownie Ice Cream easily tops them all in terms of texture, flavor, packaging, and affordability.  Here are my detailed thoughts on this delicious dessert, that could easily become a main course if one is overly seduced by its sweet and minty flavor.


Benefits, Features, Pros, and Advantages

  • The bright green and white colors on the package do not mislead about how delightfully minty and chocolaty this treat will be when you eat it.
  • I paid roughly $3 for a one-pint container.  That’s probably not the cheapest I could find, but it was convenient, as I purchased this at a 24-hour mini store nearby.  Besides, I don’t think I’d want to buy more than a pint at a time anyway, because I’d be too tempted to eat the whole thing.
  • They struck the right balance between sugar, mint, and chocolate in this mint brownie ice cream from Edy’s.  It’s definitely not too sweet, but sweet enough to have kept me going back for more, at least, until I’d polished off the entire pint container.
  • This Edy’s ice cream comes with big chunks of real and soft brownies that are a deep, dark, chocolaty brown color.  They tasted rather rich but not overly so, and complimented the mint in most pleasing ways.  Any established chocolate lover craving a chocolate fix would not be left wanting after eating this ice cream.
  • I also found some bits of hard and crunchy dark Nestle Toll House chocolate morsels (according to the label), that further heightened the chocolate sensations on my as-of-late, chocolate-deprived palate.  Utterly delicious and satisfying too.
  • This ice cream smells just like it tastes; minty, chocolaty, and sweet.  Like the flavor, the aroma does not overpower.  It’s rather subtle and truthful about the taste sensations to come.
  • Edy’s seemed to make a real effort to cut the sugar, as each serving has only 18 grams of sugar, and 72 grams for the whole container.  It could be better.  But this amount is not excessive.


Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, and Concerns

  • At 5 grams of saturated fat per serving (and there are four servings in a pint), I get my entire day’s allotment of this fat in just this container of ice cream.  It’d be nice if they could make this taste as good as it does, but without all that saturated fat.  However, in fairness to Edy’s, saturated fat and great-tasting ice cream always seem to accompany each other.
  • They also use some corn syrup.  I’d hope that future revisions to this product switch to less processed sweeteners like raw sugar, honey, or agave nectar.


Product Rating

Over all, I found this mint brownie ice cream from Edy’s to be top notch, and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a delightfully full-bodied yet not excessively rich textured ice cream.  While one could not accurately describe this treat as ‘light’, it’s by no means ‘heavy’ either; unlike some other ice creams I’ve tasted.  There are some out there that contain well over a thousand calories per pint.  Those tend to weight heavy on the tongue as well as in the stomach.  But not Edy’s Mint Brownie ice cream.  It satisfies with just the right amount of everything, without going overboard with anything.  Give it a try.  I think you’ll probably like it too.  I’d rate this medium-richness ice cream at 93 out of 100.


Where to Buy Edy’s Maxx Mint Brownie Ice Cream

I actually found mine at a nearby convenience store, but many larger grocery stores and dairy shops also carry Edy’s.




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