Best Weight Loss Plan: Fall In Love

The best weight loss plan   I know of, is to fall in love! Indeed, I seem to lose the most weight when I’ve fallen in love with a special girl, and gain it when I fall back out of love. So if you’re gaining weight, then perhaps you’re not really in love, and if you’re losing weight, then hide it all you like.

But I’d bet that you’re in love. Falling in love is great for the waistline, for more than just the obvious reasons. Being in love is the most effective weight loss diet around. Any craving for food I had before, is replaced by longing for the beloved. Plus falling in love feels good, and this helps propel it up to the status of the best weight loss plan for me.

To maximize chances of her falling in love with me, I intensely want to lose weight, to be as fit, trim, and as free of love handles as I can, as quickly as I can. Winning the heart of the beloved is perhaps the most motivating weight-loss incentive I know, even more so than concern for my own health, though that’s important too.

When I fall in love, I feel much more than the usual dose of guilt when I eat too many M & M’s or peanut butter cups. Why?  Because I’d hate to be rejected by Her for being too fat. Indeed, I’d like to minimize the chances of this happening by maximizing my attractiveness, and to maximize attractiveness is to minimize get rid of excess body weight.  The fear of this rejection grows more intense if I eat excessively, increasing my desire to lose weight, and thus, reducing my desire to eat too much. So, I cite falling in love as the best weight loss plan, because if successful at it, you can head off this intense humiliation.

Additionally, one person I discussed this phenomenon with, said that falling in love inspires her to spend too much time with the beloved to worry much about food. Indeed so. Also, for me, I’d rather sit around and fantasize about my beloved than stuff my fact, once I’ve fallen head over heals. My friend felt that the best weight loss plan, is to plan to fall in love, and then, do it.  Take whatever steps you must to fall in love, and the weight loss you desire will follow.

Plus, being in love, especially when things are going well, drives the blues away. Depression is a big reason why people eat excessively anyway, and love is an excellent antidepressant, or so it has been for me, particularly in the beginning. So that makes love perhaps the best diet pill in the world, as falling in love suppresses food cravings by reducing depression. It’s easier to lose weight when happy, fulfilled, and not depressed, than when sad and lonely.

Love-motivated weight loss is healthy too, I think, because I feel very good doing it. Knowing that I’m doing something that will help my beloved more easily see me as her beloved, stokes a feeling of victory in my heart, and victory always feels great, and repeating that sense of accomplishment becomes a prime interest in the relationship.

I only ever experience love weight gain when forced to fall out of love, such as when the beloved breaks up with me. The way out of love can devastate the waistline, as it makes one feel very much more sad and depressed than he does in his typical day. It’s healthy therefore, to fall in love, and stay in love, to lose weight and keep it off. So, the best weight maintenance plan once you lose those extra pounds, involves staying in love.

Also, I sleep better when I’ve fallen in love, am more likely to exercise (to impress my babe), more apt to run around looking for that “perfect gift” for her, and, I clean my house more when someone optimal comes into my life. So my level of domestic exercise increases, which also encourages me to lose weight after falling in love.

Finally, with most weight loss diets, some foods have to be given up against our wishes, and that can be a struggle sacrificing those milk shakes; particularly if they’re being used as a comfort food. Falling in love makes losing weight easy for me, because that feeling of love replaces most of the comfort I get from food. I need less comfort food when I’m comforted in love.  Falling in love thus, fills me up in a day just as much as a couple of foot-long Subway subs, yet has zero calories and is more fun that eating. Being in love therefore, works better than any comfort food at reducing weight.

Take a person who is heavy, and you can conclude with a high probability of being right, that he has not fallen in love for a long time, that he is lonely because of that, that he is often sad, and as a result, eats too much. The extreme weight-loss benefits of love have not graced him.  But on the other hand, consider a person who is of optimal weight, and chances are, she is in love, and being loved sufficiently.  She is not lonely, not as sad or depressed, and so, eats a healthier amount of daily bread.  Indeed, thinner people enjoy happier, more lasting relationships than the overweight.

Perhaps a big reason people who enjoy happy relationships live longer than those who are chronically alone, is that they are better able to regulate their weight since they have love as their diet pill.  So, fall in love to lose weight, and stay in love to keep it off, and you’ll live a happier, more fulfilled, and longer life.  Falling in love is the best diet.

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