Splenda No Calorie Sucralose Sweetener Review

Splenda No Calorie Sucralose Sweetener  is the first name brand sugar replacement based on the relatively newly-developed sweetening agent called sucralose.  This sugar-like alternative was released for public consumption in the early 2000s, and I’ve bought several boxes of it over the years, eager to check it out.  When I started writing these reviews, I thought I’d again get a 100-pack box and write about my impressions of Splenda sweetener.


Benefits, Features, Pros, and Advantages

  • Studied since 1976, the main sweetening ingredient in Splenda, sucralose, has been examined extensively and found to be safe for human consumption.  Plus, to my tongue, it tastes exactly like white sugar, though its granules seem a bit softer.
  • Splenda keeps indefinitely on the shelf, and does not lose its sweetness over time, or in heated foods as aspartame can.
  • In my tea, this sugar replacement dissolves quite rapidly, and I love the flavor which is just as neutral as sugar.  So it does not significantly alter the flavors of my favorite green and spearmint teas.
  • One light yellow packet of Splenda sweetens as much as two teaspoons of white sugar.
  • This sugar substitute has virtually no smell, again, just like sugar.
  • Splenda crystals seem a little finer than typical sugar, and dissolve more quickly in the mouth.   So they tend not to feel as gritty, and they crunch less when chewing foods with them in it.
  • Like sugar, this no calorie sweetener is white in color, and it has a soft feel to it.  However when dampened, this sweetener is not as sticky as sugar and seems to draw less bugs if scattered.
  • I experienced no cramping or any other issue in my digestive tract after consuming several packs in teas and in diet soda drinks.
  • Splenda is quite easy to find, and carried in most any grocery store that sells other sweeteners like Equal, Sweet N Low, and stevia.  I bought mine at Walmart, but have also seen it at Giant Eagle, Hometown, and Weis grocery stores.  It’s widely available on the Internet as well.
  • This is a dry, granulated powder sweetener.  So it can be a bit less messy than the liquid sweeteners, as long as you don’t spill it. Even if you do however, it’s a snap to clean up with a damp cloth.
  • This zero calorie sugar alternative is suitable for diabetics as indicated on the label, as it contains little actual sugar per serving.  Its main ingredient by weight is  dextrose   the most simple of sugars.


Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, Concerns, and Improvement Suggestions

  • This sweetener creates moderate craving for more of it in me.   So sweeteners like this should be respected as potentially as diet-breaking as real sugar.  They can weakin your resolve to avoid consuming excess calories.
  • To get the level of sweetness to which I’m acclimated, I require 6 packets of this product in my big cups of Stash green tea or on my Cheerios.
  • This means that I get around 17 cups of sweetened tea per 100-packet box.  At $4 per box, my sweetener cost per cup of tea is $0.23  This appears a little pricey.  But Splenda is cheaper than Stevia in the Raw, and hopefully, the price will come down even more over time, as often happens when the new transforms into the mainstream.
  • The small packets of Splenda aren’t designed to be used in baking, but work best in beverages that do not require that the sweetener possess a certain volume and weight.  For baking, use a sucralose product that contains inert chemicals to fill it out and make it work well in baked goods.
  • As with most of these artificial sweeteners, it would be nice if you could buy them in 1, 2, and 5-pound containers like you can real sugar.
  • The active ingredient in this product (sucralose) is man-made.  So I tend to avoid it when more natural sweetener alternatives such as stevia are available.


Splenda Sweetener Rating

So I would recommend this Splenda No Calorie Sucralose Sweetener, as I experienced no discernible side effects with it and found its taste indistinguishable from white table sugar.  Its flavor does not change over time, and is unaffected by heat.  A hallmark of Splenda is its stability, and though it seems to be the priciest of all the sucralose sweeteners at present, I’d still rate this product at 92 out of 100.


Where To Buy Splenda Zero Calorie Sucralose Sweetener

Look for the lemon-yellow box that has the blue trim and letters, along with the cup of coffee in the saucer on the front.  You probably will not be able to tell the difference between Splenda and the original white sugar that inspired it.




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