Now Stevia Glycerite Sweetener Review

I’ve used   Now Stevia Glycerite Sweetener   liquid for over a decade in teas and cereals mostly, and have found it to be an exciting and effective alternative to table sugar.  Now Stevia Glycerite has no calories, and it is significantly sweeter than sugar, honey, agave nectar, and syrups.   Thus, you need less stevia to effectively sweeten a cup of tea.

While pound-for-pound, stevia sweeteners cost many times more than carbohydrate-based sweeteners that get their sweetness from sucrose, fructose, and dextrose, I view this additional cost as a wise investment in my health.  Stevia sweeteners like Now Stevia Glycerite avoid the potential weight-gain and other health problems long-associated with sugar due to their non-existent calorie content.  Nor is Now Stevia Glycerite fraught with artificial, man-made chemicals (unless you count the vegetable glycerin within as a man-made chemical).  Now Stevia Glycerite is great stuff for so many reasons.  So, let me tell you about my impressions of this expensive but nonetheless awesome sweetener.


Benefits, Pros, Features, and Advantages

  • Now Stevia Glycerite has a subtle and pleasant aroma that disappears once you put it in your favorite food.  Thus stevia’s scent is extremely non intrusive and effectively food-neutral. This makes it easy to identify while in its bottle, yet unobtrusive once stirred into foods and drinks.
  • This liquid sweetener has a slightly syrupy consistency, that’s about as thick as pure grade A maple syrup.  This thickness makes Now Stevia Glycerite easy to measure out, as it tends to splash and slosh around much less than the stevia extracts for example.
  • I’ve never experienced any stomach or intestinal problems from Now Stevia Glycerite.  Indeed, using stevia has lowered my traditionally high triglycerides significantly.
  • Now Stevia Glycerite Sweetener is virtually clear in color, like water.  This means that it does not alter the color of any food or beverage you add it to.
  • Stevia Glyceride sweetener dissolves quickly in my tea, and I do like the flavor.
  • To me, this no-calorie sweetener tastes no different from the Truvia sweetner I’ve been using for a few years.
  • A big fan of stevia, I’m glad that through products such as this, that stevia may well be coming into the mainstream market. Now Stevia is therefore, up and coming as opposed to down and dying.
  • This herbal sweetener does not create craving for more of it.  So in my body at least, it is non addictive, which differs markedly from sugar or Splenda.
  • It is suitable for use by diabetics, because it has zero calories per serving.  So, as I am used to stevia now, if I should develop diabetes later in life, I won’t have to give up my teas sweetened with this product.
  • If spilled, this liquid does not draw bugs nearly to the degree that sugar or syrup does.  It’s easy to clean up too.  You just wipe it up with a damp cloth.
  • This sweetener contains no alcohol and so, lacks the bitterness found in the alcohol-based sweetener extracts.


Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, and Limitations

  • Liquid stevia is more expensive than sugar.  I currently pay roughly $15 for one eight-ounce bottle, which lasts about a month when used exclusively to sweeten my morning tea.  I’m hoping that as stevia moves into the mainstream food markets as people learn of its health benefits, that its price will fall.  So far however, there hasn’t been much price drop on over the last decade that I’ve used Now Stevia Glycerite.
  • Sometimes, if I let my tea stand for a while, it seems that the stevia rises to the top of the cup, making the first few sips extraordinarily sweet, and leaving the last few swigs at the bottom notably lacking in sweetness.  So, stir your tea each time you pick it up for a drink, just to be sure that the stevia has not separated.
  • Now Stevia Glycerite sweetener can be hard to find in local grocery stores.  Currently, I order mine online.
  • It appears that over the past couple years, this product has been replaced with the   Now Better Stevia Glycerite  offering, which features extracts derived from organic stevia sources. That product is not significantly more expensive than this one and so, is indeed, probably better stevia.


Our Rating

I would thus, recommend Now Stevia Glycerite sweetener if you’re not put off by the price.  I’d rate this perfect sweetener product at 98 out of 100.  It’s high price restrains me from rating higher.


Where To Buy Now Stevia Glycerite Liquid Sweetener

Look for the dark brown but transparent bottles with the orange, white, and purple labels in your favorite health food stores and on the Internet.  Enjoy the sweetness without the health costs of the empty calories and lacking nutrition in sugar.




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