Honeytree Organic Agave Nectar Sweetener Review

I’ve used   Honeytree Organic Agave Nectar Sweetener   liquid to sweeten almond drinks, teas, and cereals.   To me, this organic agave nectar is a pleasant alternative to table sugar and corn syrup-based sweetener products.  Honeytree Agave Nectar has 60 calories per tablespoon, and appears to equal honey and pure maple syrups in terms of sweetness.

The big difference however, between Honeytree Organic Agave Nectar and more mainstream sweeteners is its significantly lower glycemic index (GI).  With a GI of between 15 and 30, this makes small amounts of agave nectar sweetener less contrary to blood-sugar control in diabetics than other carbohydrate-based sweeteners. The GI of pure maple syrup is 54; significantly greater than that for organic agave nectar.  This means that a given amount of agave nectar triggers a lower blood-sugar spike response.  Thus, there’s less “sugar high” than that from other, more highly processed sweetener products.

But, though the GI of agave nectars such as Honeytree Organic Agave Nectar sweetener is lower than that of other sugar forms, remember that this agave nectar is still a concentrated sugar source.  Thus in my observance, this can make you crave it more if you consume too much; just as sugars typically do.  So use this dark sweetener sparingly; its ‘healthy’ reputation notwithstanding.


Benefits, Pros, Features, and Advantages

  • This agave nectar dissolves completely and fast in hot drinks.  It’s easier to dissolve than honey or powdered sweetener products.
  • Requires just one stirring, as it does not tend to separate after it’s  completely dissolved in beverages.
  • Impresses the palate as a largely neutral, mild flavor, and has a pronounced agave aroma; not a strong aroma, just a definite and pleasant one.  However, the Honeytree product appears darker than the Madhava nectar, and has a stronger flavor (not sweeter, but also more uniquely agave and natural-tasting).
  • It is clear and dark orange in color; a bit darker than honey.  So it can darken the colors of foods or beverages you put it in.
  • I’ve found Honeytree agave nectar easy to locate in the local grocery stores.  So one need not travel to a designated health food store just to get it.  Most stores in my area have the Honeytree agave nectar these days.
  • I’ve experienced no intestinal or stomach problems after consuming this product.
  • Features a syrupy feel, but significantly thicker than pure grade A maple syrup yet thinner than honey even though this is a dark agave nectar.  Thus it can season pancakes with no appreciable difference in texture than pure maple syrup for example, although the flavor of agave nectar differs markedly from maple. This agave nectar pours more easily than does honey.


Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, Limitations, and Health Concerns

  • To adequately sweeten my tea, I find that I must use three to four tablespoons of this sweetener; unlike the liquid stevia products I use that require far less than one tablespoon.  This can further drive up the cost of agave nectar as a tea sweetener and add lots of calories besides.
  • If spilled, this product can draw bugs, just as spilled sugar or sugary syrup might.  Like you would with sugar, take care during clean-up that you leave no sticky agave nectar behind that could attract ants and roaches.  It’s easy to clean and quite water-soluble.  So a wet dish rag effectively removes spills of agave nectar.  The darkness of this agave nectar makes it easy to see if spilled on counters and tables.
  • Can indeed be more expensive than sugar per pound.  I currently pay roughly $5.12 for one 24.7-ounce bottle, which lasts about a week when used exclusively to sweeten my morning tea.  I’m pleased that the Honeytree brand of dark amber agave nectar has become so widely popular.
  • Not a low or zero calorie sweetener.  You’ll gain weight if you apply this product too liberally and consume too much of it.

Our Rating

We like the Honeytree Organic Agave Nectar Sweetener flavor, but hate that it still contains very highly refined sugars.  So we rate it an 85 out of 100.


Where To Buy Honeytree Organic Agave Nectar

Look for the clear plastic bottle with the green, orange, and yellow label, and yellow cap at your favorite larger grocers.  You’ll likely agree that you need part with no sweetness to gain the health benefits of agave nectar found in this product.



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