Great Value Chunky Garlic & Onions Pasta Sauce Review

Great Value Chunky Garlic & Onions Pasta Sauce is very thick and indeed the versatile spaghetti sauce, and as such, found in many great-tasting Italian recipes for spaghetti, lasagna, manicotti, and such. I’ve stirred it into my pasta dishes for a year or two now, and love the subtly sweet, distinctive flavor.


Benefits, Advantages, Pros, and Features

  • The mild yet zesty flavor of this Great Value brand spaghetti sauce is awesome, and compliments very well most any tomato-based pasta course.
  • It’s virtually non perishable prior to opening. I’ve kept unopened jars around for many months without noticeable change in or loss of taste or color.
  • This spaghetti sauce is on the low side of spicy; I’ve tasted other much spicier sauces. This makes it acceptable to most guests at the dinner table.
  • This product contains 2 grams of fiber.  It’s great seeing food with fiber; particularly since fiber is often hard to find in healthful quantities in many processed foods.
  • They provide glass-jar packaging for this product, which is wonderful for keeping chemicals in the packaging from leeching into the food, but perhaps not so great for keeping bright light from weakening the already-mild flavor.  So keep your sauce in a cool and dark place for maximum flavor retention.
  • I recently paid roughly $4.50 for the 26-ounce jar, which provides enough sauce to flavor 12-ounces of pasta (I like lots of spaghetti sauce on my spaghetti).
  • That price seems reasonable in that one jar of this Great Value spaghetti sauce provides enough flavor for two meals.  And, at $2.25 per meal plus a buck or so for the pasta, this product is quite easily afforded in my opinion.


Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, and Concerns

  • This spaghetti sauce contains significant amounts of sodium, at 530 MG per 1/2 cup serving.  This means that us folks over the age of 51 should not eat more than a cup and a half in a day; lest we exceed the recommended intake sodium amount of 1500 MG per day for our ages.  I hope Great Value makes a low-sodium version of this same pasta sauce product.  Should I find one, I’ll post a review for it on this blog.
  • Has added sugar and salt.  Again, they’d do well to remove all that stuff.  If I want these ingredients in my pasta sauce, I’d appreciate the option to add them myself, in the amounts I wish.
  • Most canned or jarred pasta sauces including this one, must be refrigerated after opening.


Product Rating

Great Value Chunky Garlic & Onions Pasta Sauce is a beginner cook’s dream for spicing up spaghetti with a taste of an expert chef’s hand, that people will generally like.  The unique blend of tomatoes, garlic, onions, and spices has been so popular due to the ubiquity of many types of pasta in American cultures throughout the country. In moderation, Great Value is a healthful spaghetti sauce, as the sugar content is not terribly high at 8 grams per serving. I love it thus, and would recommend it be included any any active cook’s kitchen.  I’d rate this sauce at 92 out of 100.


Where To Buy Great Value Chunky Garlic & Onions Spaghetti Sauce

Look for Great Value Chunky Garlic & Onions Pasta Sauce in the transparent glass jar (that shows off the orange-red sauce inside), with the white label and blue text, along with the blue and white metal cap, exclusively at Walmart food stores and super centers.




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