Sohgave! Maple Flavor Agave Syrup Review

I’ve used   Sohgave! Maple Flavor Agave Syrup   liquid for a couple months now on pancakes and to sweeten and flavor almond drinks and cereals.   I’ve found this organic, blue agave nectar-based sweetener to be a curious alternative to table sugar and corn syrup-based products.  Sohgave Maple Flavor Agave Syrup has 60 calories per tablespoon, and it appears to be equivalent in sweetness to honey and pure maple syrups. The big difference however, between Sohgave Agave Syrup and more traditional syrups is its markedly lower glycemic index (GI).  With a GI of 17, this makes the Sohgave syrup  more acceptable for diabetics (in small amounts) as a sugar alternative. The GI of pure maple syrup on the other hand, is 54.  This means that a given amount of Sohgave syrup triggers a lower blood-sugar spike and thus, less of a “sugar high” than do other, more highly processed sugar products. But, though the GI in the Sohgave agave syrup is lower than other sources of sugar, remember that this is still a concentrated sugar source.  Thus in my experience, this can make you crave more of it.  So use this syrup sweetener in moderation.

Benefits and Features

  • To me, this Sohgave maple flavored syrup  tastes virtually identical to products such as Log Cabin or Great Value maple flavored syrups.
  • Sohgave maple flavored syrup has a subtle and pleasant maple aroma, that is, again, similar to Log Cabin maple flavored syrup.
  • I’ve experienced no intestinal or stomach problems from Sohgave Maple Flavor Agave Syrup.
  • Sohgave Maple Flavor Agave Syrup is clear yet dark amber in color, almost identical to pure grade-A maple syrup.  This means that it can replace higher GI maple syrup products on pancakes and waffles with little perceptible difference to the palate.
  • Sohgave Maple Flavor Syrup, used as a sweetener, dissolves quickly in almond drink, and Ilike the natural maple flavor on my buckwheat pancakes.
  • Sohgave syrup only requires stirring once, as it does not separate after it’s  completely dissolved in beverages.
  • A big fan of blue agave nectar, I’m pleased that through products such as Sohgave Maple Flavor Syrup, agave nectar is indeed coming into more mainstream food markets.
  • Sohgave maple flavored agave syrup has a syrupy consistency, about as thick as pure grade A maple syrup.  Thus it can season pancakes with no appreciable difference in texture than pure maple syrup for example.


  • If spilled,  Sohgave! Maple Flavor Agave Syrup can draw bugs, just as spilled sugar or sugary syrup might.  Like sugar, caution must be exercised in clean-up that you leave no sticky simple sugars around that could attract ants and roaches.
  • Sohgave! Maple Flavor Agave Syrup  can be more expensive than sugar, per pound.  I currently pay roughly $4.50 for one seventeen-ounce bottle of the Sohgave, which lasts a week or two when used exclusively to add maple flavor to my almond drinks and pancakes.  I’m hoping that as agave syrup moves into the mainstream grocery stores (as more customers learn of its health benefits due to its lower GI), that its price will drop accordingly.
  • As this Sohgave Maple Flavor Syrup is rather new, it can be hard to find in local grocery stores.  However fortunately, I have a Walmart Super Center close by that carries it.

Rating For Sohgave! Maple Agave Syrup

I’m of favorable opinion about this Sohgave! Maple Flavor Agave Syrup.  Thus, I’d rate it at 90 out of 100.  There’s an excess amount of refined sugar and carbs in this product to rate it higher.  But it’s curious resemblance to pure maple syrup flavor means that I cannot, in good conscience, go lower.

Where To Buy Sohgave! Maple Agave Syrup

Look for the transparent bottles with the red, orange, white, and blue labels in your favorite grocers, and I think you’ll agree that you need sacrifice no good taste for the health benefits of agave nectar in this product.  Enjoy this product in moderation, and you’re waist will appreciate you as will your taste buds also.