Slim Jim Monster Original Beef Sticks Review

Slim Jim Monster Original Beef Sticks   have been around as long as I can remember.  But only in the past few years have they been selling the Slim Jim Monster Original Beef Sticks, and I very much like this much bigger, 1.94-ounce size.  While this is a highly processed, highly seasoned beef product, these beef stix effectively quell hunger pangs in the afternoon workplace, and are a great evening snack to enjoy when it’s too early to go to bed but too late to eat anything really heavy.


Benefits, Features, Pros, and Advantages

  • I’ve often thought of Slim Jim original flavored products as beef pepperoni sticks, because they taste a lot like pepperoni.  They certainly have the pepperoni grease.  But their texture is somewhat less oily and more spicy.
  • A flavor reminiscent of beef jerky, Slim Jim beef snack sticks are a bit hotter, though less chewy than the jerky, which is fine by me.  While I enjoy beef jerky strips and beef jerky chew sometimes, I also appreciate the near-identical taste of those products in a Slim Jim without having to work my jaw muscles so hard and long, just to be able to swallow the beefy morsel.
  • Pieces of these beef snack sticks get stuck in the teeth far less often than beef jerky.
  • This form of preserved beef never requires refrigeration; not even after opening.  So it will keep several months in your pantry.  The best-if-used-by date falls roughly six months out from the purchase date.  But they’ll stay fresh and pleasant-tasting for much longer than that if kept cool.
  • This bigger size of the original Slim Jim is awesome, and definitely satisfies the appetite after eating just one monster meat stick.
  • These longer sticks taste almost the same as the original-sized ones with their subtly smoky and spicy taste, although there may be some slight differences.  Perhaps this is due to the amount of meat you can get in one bite of the larger diameter monster beef treats.
  • I’ve never become burned out on the Slim Jim original flavor.  Put them away for a few weeks, then pick them up again, and you will probably find that they taste just as delicious as before.
  • Kids like these snack treats, which is nice since they have far less added sugar than candy bars or other sweet confections.
  • The spicy juice that oozes out when you bite certain parts of the stick is a delightful and additionally flavorful touch.
  • This snack is very easy to find in just about any store, service station, or other convenience center.
  • There are no bones or bone fragments in this snack to crack your teeth.  They do a great job of filtering out all that sort of trash from the beef.
  • This beef snack product has a pleasant, subtle aroma that mirrors the actual taste closely.  So smelling these things can definitely make the mouth water, as the smell portends of the wonderful experience to come to the mouth.
  • This product is well-received at parties.  It sends a message of class to your guests.


Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, and Concerns

  • As noted, this is a highly processed food with a sizable list of undesirable food additives, including dextrose, salt, corn syrup, and hydrolyzed proteins.  It’s also rich in sodium at 850 milligrams per serving, and 290 calories to boot.  These numbers qualify this product as a once-in-a-blue-moon treat, though its deliciously satisfying beef and spice flavors might entice you to eat it way more often than that.
  • 25 grams of fat per serving, and 10 of those grams is saturated fat.  Indeed, the Nutrition Facts label on the wrapper paints a pretty doleful picture of Slim Jim beef sticks as a healthful food.
  • A nearly $3 cost for two ounces of seasoned meat seems exorbitant, especially since you can get over double the weight in Reese’s Big Cup peanut butter cups for about the same price.
  • It’s harder to snap into this bigger version of the Slim Jim.  Some have attributed this lack of snappiness to their impression that the meat is mushy or soggy in the larger size.  But my take is that since the stick is bigger around, it just does not snap as easily.  However, the meat tastes just as good to me.  It does not appear to be stale or improperly processed.  So if you really must “snap into a Slim Jim,” get the smaller sized version.


Slim Jim Monster Original Beef Sticks Rating

I’d indeed and highly recommend Slim Jim Monster Original Beef Sticks, as they’re the best beef sticks I’ve ever tasted.  No other company surpasses them, says my tongue.  So I’d rate this snack product at 95 of 100.


Where To Buy Slim Jim Monster Original Beef Sticks

Look for Slim Jim Monster Original Beef Sticks in gas stations, 24-hour convenience stores, and in grocery shops large and little.  They come in a yellow and red wrapper with the white backing and black and white text.




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