Reese’s Fast Break Chocolate Peanut Butter Candy Bar Review

The trademark taste of Reese’s peanut butter cups from Hershey’s candy company, has been a favorite of for almost half-century.  So I was tickled when I first discovered the Reese’s Fast Break Chocolate Peanut Butter Candy Bar   a couple year ago, though as with the peanut butter cups, my girth hated them.  That balanced combination of peanut butter and milk chocolate remains unrivaled to this day.  These Fast Break candy bars also add nougat and a chewy center that makes this wonderful taste last longer in one’s mouth.  One must chew this candy up more before swallowing; all the while savoring that Reese’s peanut butter and chocolate taste.

Indeed, Reese’s stumbled upon a winning formula when they created their long-running line of peanut butter products.  The chocolate coating still contributes much goodness to the overall flavor.  So chocolate lovers will enjoy this ingenious repackaging of that signature Reese’s candy taste.  It’s a taste that never grows boring —  unless you eat several king-sized bars at one time, which I’ve been known to do sometimes.  But even if I get sick of this candy on one holiday, I’m eager the next time around to dig into it again.


Benefits, Pros, Advantages, and Features

  • When I do grow tired of eating this candy bar, as on occasion does happen during the holiday season, all it takes is a week or two vacation from it, and my longing for that peanut butter flavor returns.
  • Though these Fast Break candy bars are indeed a candy, they contain much of their weight in peanut butter, which is nutritious.  While there are some empty calories in this confection, you nonetheless still get some essential nutrients and protein from the peanut butter.
  • Reese’s makes the wrappers for this candy less permeable than those of previous decades.  The result is that the peanut butter smell is better contained inside the wrapper, and outside odors are kept out of this candy.  So there’s less cross-contamination of the flavors today, of the various candies on the store shelves.  Fast Break candy bars retain their original, fresh and nutty flavor for many months, and never acquire the tastes of any other candy stored nearby.
  • As delicious as this peanut butter and chocolate candy is, it’s unusual that you’d find much in them besides sugar and additives.  Yet each Fast Break serving has 1 gram of dietary fiber and only 170 MG of sodium.
  • However, Fast Break candy bars contain 4 grams of saturated fat per serving.  Thus, as is the case with most any candy, moderate eating is key to enjoyment while avoiding weight gain and other health problems associated with eating copious amounts of fat, salt, and sugar.
  • It’s remarkable that Reese’s has retained essentially the same flavor for so many decades.  I suppose that means that this is a tried-and-true formula, like Pepsi Cola, that generations of candy lovers have liked, including the current generation.
  • Reese’s is a well-known name in the peanut butter cup industry.  Indeed, no other brand has ever achieved the solid and lasting reputation of great taste that Reese’s has.  So these products can be found in most any retailer or wholesale market that sells mainstream candy products.
  • Though some candies have begun using significant amounts of trans fats in the form of partially hydrogenated oils in their recipes, only trace amounts of those are found in this candy bar (less than one gram of trans fats per serving).


Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, Concerns, and Suggested Improvements

  • This candy is sensitive to warmer temperatures and softens easily in warmer areas; leaving a chocolaty mess on the fingers when eaten.  However, if fixing this problem means that more saturated fats would be added, then I’d hope that they leave the formula unchanged.
  • At 230 calories per serving, these Fast Break bars, due to how good they taste, can really pack on the pounds because it can be so hard to stay away from them.  I do wish they made a sugar-free version.
  • The king sized bars cost around $1.50 each; well over a dollar.  Candy in general is getting pretty pricey these days.


Our Rating

I’d recommend Reese’s Fast Break candy bars.  They work well as an afternoon snack at work or an evening dessert after supper.But with all the fat, flour, and added sugar, I’ll rate this candy at only 87 out of 100.  But if we consider just the flavor and crunchy texture, then I’d give it 94 out of 100.


Where To Buy Reese’s Fast Break Chocolate Peanut Butter Candy Bars

Look for Reese’s Fast Break bars at most any candy or larger grocery store in the bright orange and blue wrapper with the yellow and brown lettering.  Enjoy them, again and again.  Their taste never quits pleasing.




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