Great Value Zero Calorie Erythritol Rebiana Sweetener Review

Great Value Zero Calorie Erythritol Rebiana Sweetener  is Great Value’s approximation of Stevia In The Raw sweetener. Stevia In The Raw sweetener was released for public consumption a little while back, and I bought a couple boxes of it, eager to try it out.  A few month ago, I found this sweetener at Walmart and thought I’d bring home an 80-pack box for review.  So, here goes.


Features, Benefits, Pros, and Advantages

  • In my tea, this sugar replacement dissolves rapidly, and I do like the flavor which is not as neutral as sugar, but at least as pleasing nonetheless.
  • The white powder of this product, that looks much like sugar, comes in little, single-serving envelopes.  So it’s easy to measure out.
  • The Great Value version of this sugar substitute has a mild yet pleasant aroma that smells like stevia.
  • The crystals are a bit thicker than typical sugar though.  But it is roughly the same weight per packet than comparable packets of Equal, Sweet N Low, or Splenda.
  • This zero calorie sweetener is white in color, just like sugar, and it has a rough feel to it that’s cool to the touch.  However when dampened, this sweetener is not as sticky as sugar and seems to draw less bugs when spilled.
  • To me, this sweetener tastes no different in my favorite foods and drinks than the Now Stevia I’ve been using for about a decade and a half.
  • This Great Value Sweetener contains Rebiana, which is extracted from the leaves of the stevia plant.  A lover of stevia, I’m pleased that stevia may well be making it into the mainstream market as the primary sweetener in this Great Value Zero Calorie Sweetener.
  • This sweetener does not create craving for more of it in me.  Great.  So sweeteners like this one are non addictive, which differs markedly from sugar or Splenda.


Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, Concerns. and Suggested Improvements

  • Given the   sugar alcohol   content, this Great Value sweetener might cause diarrhea in some; particularly should they indulge too much in it.
  • It stopped bothering me that way once I got used to it, and learned how much I can eatin a day without upsetting my stomach.
  • To get the level of sweetness to which I’m acclimated, I must use 5 packets of this product in my big cups of Salada green tea or on my Cheerios.
  • This means that I get 16 cups of sweetened tea per 80-packet box.  At $3.96 per box, my sweetener cost per cup of tea is $0.25.  This seems a bit costly.  But this product is cheaper than Stevia in the Raw, and hopefully, the price will come down even more over time, as often happens when the new transforms into the mainstream.
  • This zero calorie sugar substitute is suitable for diabetics, as it contains  no actual sugar per serving.  Its main ingredient is   Erythritol,   a   sugar alcohol.  And, as happens with most sugar alcohols, my stomach became a bit unsettled after consuming several cups of tea with this sweetener in them.  This little problem is easy to manage however.  As I so often find myself saying these days, take this and most other things in moderation.


Our Rating

So I would recommend this  Great Value Zero Calorie Erythritol Rebiana Sweetener  if you’re not off-put by the cost or made ill by   sugar alcohols.  I’d rate it at 88 out of 100.


Where To Buy Great Value Zero Calorie Erythritol Rebiana Sweetener

Look for the lime-green and white box with the bowl of big strawberries and the Great Value logo in dark blue letters.  If you’re at all like me, you’ll certainly like this sugar alternative.




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