Blue Diamond BOLD Wasabi & Soy Sauce Almonds Review

Looking for means to add more good fats to my daily food fare and to reduce the bad fats, I began eating these   Blue Diamond BOLD Wasabi & Soy Sauce Almonds   now and then.  They’re snappy,  chewy, and rather hot with their distinctive horseradish-like, salty taste.  These almonds definitely clear the sinuses just like a teaspoon full of horseradish on the tongue in a closed mouth does.  Plus, you cannot easily swallow them without first applying a bit of “jaw grease” chewing effort, and this makes them more satisfying to me.  By no means are these flavored almonds either soggy or bland.  Indeed, they may be a healthier, more natural food snack than, say, cheese curls.  Almonds in fact, are a whole food, and thus, more naturally nutritious than more processed flour-based snacks.


Benefits, Pros, Advantages, and Features 

  • I’ve noticed that the almonds in this product are quite uniform in flavor, color, texture, and size.  Blue Diamond has indeed advanced the art of consistently good-tasting almond selection into a hard and predictable science.  From them, you get medium-sized, medium-brown almonds every time that lack the white spots that frequently show up on raw almonds.
  • No can opener is required to access the contents of this can, as it comes with a ring and pull-top lid.  So you can dig in as soon as you leave the store with these nuts.
  • Definitely a sharp and pungent wasabi flavor in this seasoned almonds, that’s certainly wasabi and may in fact be overdone just a little.
  • While these wasabi almonds contain 15 grams of fat and 170 calories per serving, they encase only a trace of added saturated fats.  Much of the fat in these almonds however, occurs naturally in almonds.
  • Eating reasonable amounts of this snack (1.5 ounces per day according to the can), science suggests, may reduce your chances of developing cardiovascular diseases like heart and peripheral artery diseases.
  • This product keeps on the shelf for years.  In fact, the “best by” date stamped on the bottom of the can is approximately three years out from the day I bought my wasabi almonds.  So if you’re putting together a fallout shelter in your basement, be sure to stock it with Blue Diamond Bold  Almonds.
  • This product is produced in California, which makes it an American, home-grown snack food.
  • This club treat contains just three grams of net carbs per 28-almond serving.


Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, and Concerns

  • They add vegetable oil sadly, that also adds to the fat grams count.  However, the included oils such as canola, safflower, and sunflower, have little of the so-called bad fats (saturated or trans), and brim with the good fats (mono- and polyunsaturated).
  • They also add maltodextrin, a man-made form of sugar, modified corn starch, salt, soy sauce, fractionated disodium guanylate, disodium inosinate, coconut oil, and palm kernel oil, I’d prefer that these compounds be omitted.
  • Added salt is found in these wasabi flavored almonds, to the tune of 115 MG of sodium per serving.  But as stated above, a serving of this snack is not very big.  Indeed, by the time I eat my two or three official helpings for decent satisfaction, I get 345 MG of sodium.  I dream of an almond product that has no added salt; one that I could eat with less worry about over indulging.
  • What the Blue Diamond Almond People call a serving of these nuts is quite minuscule for my appetite (one ounce or around 28 almonds). There are six servings per can.  But I must eat a third to a half of a can to be satiated.  So it’s wise to avoid snacking on this product all by itself in a sitting.  But with that said, I need far less almonds to become filled up (in terms of weight) than I would potato chips, cheese corn curls, and so on.  A little bit of almonds goes a much longer way than does a like amount of refined snack foods.


Our Rating

We’d speak favorably of Blue Diamond BOLD Wasabi & Soy Sauce Almonds as a mid-afternoon work intermission food, as they have  relatively few net carbs.  So they’ll likely produce those two-thirty PM blues far less than pop or candy.  They’ll efficiently curb your appetite.  Despite its nose-clearing horseradish effects and all those crazy chemical additives, I’d rate this product at 85 out of 100.


Where To Buy Blue Diamond BOLD Wasabi & Soy Sauce Almonds

Look for Blue Diamond BOLD Wasabi & Soy Sauce Almonds in the deep green can with the blue snap-off lid at your favorite bigger grocery shops including Walmart and Giant Eagle.  They’re also available extensively on the Internet.  They’ll leave your mouth wanting for no additional flavor, and leave your stomach pleasantly busy digesting for a few hours.




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